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The planet we live on always fascinates us with its magnificent landscapes and rich biodiversity. The legend of life began around 4.28 billion years ago as unicellular organisms emerged in the early sea. Then came Cretaceous, the most mysterious geochronological age, when the domination of the ruling dinosaurs came to a sudden end. Inspired by this event, Master Engraver Tsu Ifan created the Dust to Dust of the Thriving Planet Collection where a miniature version of a complete tyrannosaurus skeleton is presented on the Shakudo dial just as how it looked when archeologists unearthed it from the 66 million-year-old stratum. With 24k gold overlay, the artist sculpted every piece of bones with stunning details in their finest miniature scale. An absolute accuracy is maintained in replicating the skeleton so that you can literally count exactly 70 bones of the vertebral column of the dinosaur from its neck to tail. Through endless flow of time, creatures stage themselves in turn as predators and preys. Yet, what is made of dust is bound to be returned to the dust. Even the dinosaurs, which was once such a prosperous species, were not able to escape their doomed destiny along with 75% of other species in the world in Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction, leaving only their fossilized skeletons that the artist used as the theme of his masterpiece to remind of the ever elapsing time.

Beneath the sapphire crystal back is a state-of-the-art movement telling an untold story. 24k gold inlay borders divide the surface into 3 areas like earthquake rifts. With some patience, you can discover a triceratops’ skull amongst fine curves of weeds in one area while its smashed jaw lying beside a tyrannosaurus’ footprint in another area. Were those dinosaur remains the leftover of a carnivore feast? Or, were they victims of the catastrophe that killed the whole species? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Only the time ticked away by the escaping wheel remains unchanged.

The leather strap of the watch features the skin of claws of eagle, which is the ruler of the sky in the modern time. Will they thrive, or will they become another victim of the time? Only time can tell…

Dust to dust尘归尘



    BUCKLE:Pin buckle


    SIZE:ø 42 mm

    THICKNESS:11.8 mm

    MOVEMENT:Manual-winding mechanical
    Power reserve: 42 h, 21600 variations / hours

    FUNCTIONS:Hours, Minutes



    COLLECTION:Thriving Planet / 1-piece limited series


    24'300 CHF

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